Human Resource Management Challenges Essay

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Human Resources Management Challenges One of the most essential activities of an organization today is the management of its human resources. As organizations become more global and as changes occur at an increasingly rapid rate, human resource development managers are faced with many challenges. These challenges involve both compensation and non-compensation related issues. Some challenges include globalization, cultural diversity, legislation, the emerging roles of women and minorities in the workplace and values in age differences. Globalization has and will continue to have a large impact on human resource management. More employees are engaged in a global life style due to technology, trade and travel. Corporations are looking at the world as a single market and they are structuring their employees and their services accordingly to meet the needs of a global market. In order to survive in a global economy, organizations must be able to overcome labor cost issues and be able to provide a compensation program that is equitable to all of its employees. Global competition has forced organizations to recognize that they must think differently about management. “The only way to be successful as a global company is to develop an effective human resource management system with employees who can implement international business strategies” (Adler, 1990). Managing globally requires a significant understanding of cultural differences in many areas including attitudes towards time, influence, and problems solving styles. The usual North American approach of arranging very closely managed schedules for meetings with time allotted for each topic according to its financial impact is vastly different than that of many cultures. For example, “in Europe or Asia, executives allow more time in the beginning for associates to get to know each other” (Chase, 1998). Socio-cultural

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