Hsc 536 Understand Sensory Loss Essay

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UNIT 4222-393 Understand sensory loss (SS MU 3.1) 1. Understand the factors that impact on an individual with sensory loss 2.1. Analyse how a range of factors can impact on individuals with sensory loss * The availability or otherwise of practical support inside and outside the home can vastly improve or disable an individual’s quality of living * Society’s attitudes and beliefs about people with sensory loss are important in raising (or reducing) awareness of the problems suffered by individuals with sensory loss, and how to help these individuals communicate better with their surroundings * A person’s own beliefs and (mis-)understandings about the condition – particularly negative beliefs – can easily be reinforced by ignorance and prejudice of those around them; conversely, positive attitudes and encouragement can help increase an individual’s self-confidence and emotional health * Whether family members and carers are adequately trained in sensory loss is important in enabling an individual to take full advantage of all support available to them in communicating to the best of their ability * Symptoms may be ignored or denied, either by the individual or their family/support group; while self-denial is understandable, it is rarely advantageous to the individual in the long run * Accurate diagnosis is important for effective solution to problems of sensory loss in order to provide the best possible support and assistance to an individual in line with their specific needs 2.2. Analyse how societal attitudes and beliefs impact on individuals with sensory loss * Where society sees sensory loss as a disability, rather than an individual’s unique set of communication needs, there will always be a conflict of interest: the individual has a need for support, society sees an individual that is unable to partake

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