Hsc 3052 Essay

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UNDERTAKE PHYSIOLOGICAL MEASUREMENTS HSC 3052 1.1 Current legislations, national guidelines, organisational policies and protocols at work while undertaking physiological measurements, all of them are saying about health and safety for us employees and also for an individuals which we care for. For example; we should always check equipment which we are going to use if it is safe and working correctly, we should wear PPE every time we are undertaking any task, ensure that we or person undertaking measurements are competent to do so, we should keep the working place safe and clean. When we are about to take measurement from an individual we need to make sure that the person know exactly what we are planning to do and constantly reassure them. If we have a special record chart we should record taken measurements in right documentation. 2.1 The maintenance of blood pressure within the arteries is a complex, physiological process that basically depends on the three factors which, under narrow control, keep the blood pressure relatively constant. First, the beating of the heart is continually pumping blood into the aorta, the blood flows along the large arteries and into the smaller vessels, where it replace the blood escaping through the capillaries into veins. In this way the volume of blood in arterial system is maintained Secondly, the walls of the arteries contain muscle and elastic fibres. Each time that the heart beats and discharges blood into the arterial system, these fibres stretch to accommodate the influx of blood. When the heart relaxes on the other hand the fibres in the walls of the vessels contracts and thereby it reduce the capacity of the circulatory System and maintain the pressure Thirdly, the minute arterial vessels which lead from smallest arteries to capillaries have muscular walls, contractions of these muscles reduce the blood and
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