Explain The Relationship Between The Cardiovascular And Respiratory System

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D1 The cardiovascular and respiratory system interlink with each other, this is because they both have a link when it comes to gases exchange. This is because inside the lungs there are air sacs they are called the alveoli there are millions of alveoli, around each alveoli are capillaries which are small blood vessels, as the walls of this is thin carbon dioxide goes into the alveoli from the capillaries and the oxygen goes back into the capillaries which then goes into heart, and the heart pumps blood all around the body. These systems work very closely together, this is to make sure that organ tissues get enough oxygen. Oxygen is needed for cellular function. The air which we breathe in which is kept in the lungs, is the transferred into blood. The blood then goes around the heart, which then pumps oxygenated blood from lungs back into the body. The 2 systems also work together in order to get rid of carbon dioxide which is there as a metabolic waste product. D1…show more content…
The heart consists of 2 ventricles, and also 2 atria. There is a right atrium and also ventricle, this is where the blood comes from the veins. The deoxygenated blood then goes into the right atrium of the heart. Blood is released from the atrium and goes into the right ventricle, this happens when the heart relaxes, this is where the right ventricle pushes blood in through pulmonary valve and eventually into pulmonary artery, this is the place where the blood its given to the lungs because to get back oxygen. Lastly the blood is then given back to hearts left side. And on the right side, the left atrium gets blood and gives it back to ventricle, this also happens when the heart relaxes. The blood then is pushed through aorta and given to rest of the
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