Hrm Competitive Advantage Essay

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* Abstract With the rapid development of science and technology,more and more industries have been transferred from labour-intensive industry to knowledge -intensive industry, which brings about a more fierce competition in market.It is human who lends to the change as knowledge comes from human beings and not late in the future, human will gradually be the dominate role in an enterprise,which indicates the whole business world that human resource will be the most important resource that can determine an organization's future and how to manage human resource will be a new point high on an enterprise's agenda.Human resource management is an essential tool in creating competitive advantage,which is vital for an organization. The following text will discuss the Human resource management and competitive advantage as well as their role and future. Keywords: Human resource management; competitive advantage Contents Abstract [ 2 ] Chapter 1 An Introduction of Human Resources Management [ 4 ] 1.1 Concept [ 4 ] 1.2 Objectives of Human resource management [ 4 ] Chapter 2 The relationship between HRM and competitive advantage [ 6 ] 2.1 Human resource and core Capabilities [ 6 ] 2.2 Human resource competition pushes a company to develop rapidly and continuously [ 6 ] Chapter 3 Developing tendency of Human resource management in China [ 8 ] Chapter 4 Construction of competitive advantages for a company using HRM [ 10 ] References [ 13 ] An Introduction of Human Resources Management Concept Human Resource Management is a kind of managerial behaviour ,which can help to achieve organizational and individual goals according to the developing strategy of an enterprise to make reasonable allocation of human resources with planning and through such procedure inside as recruitment,training,usage,te- sting,stimulation,and adjustment of its

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