Res 351 Week 5 Team Assignment Preparing to Conduct

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1 Research Proposal: Improving Information Management RES/351 Improving Information Management 2 Research Proposal: Improving Information Management A company's inability to manage information efficiently can have a devastating effect on the organizations ability to operate effectively. The research proposal presented in this paper has the intentions of addressing the problem of mismanaged information that has resulted in a loss of time, money, and resources for the Corporate Security Initiatives Corporation. This research study will be a straightforward investigation and examination of the way information is sent and received, processed, analyzed, and used by the various departments within the organization. This proposal outlines the research process and design to be used to collect and analyze data, draw conclusions from that data, and how the results from the research will be presented to the company's leaders. Research Design and Process Companies today operate in a fast paced, highly competitive environment in which every decision, large or small, can have a dramatic effect on an organization's success. To make the crucial decisions needed to help a company remain competitive, managers must be able to have accurate information to base their decisions on, and often the information needed can come from several sources and must be analyzed and processed in order to be useful. Managers know that information can often become irrelevant within a matter of minutes, and the ability to act on information quickly can result in a variety of benefits for a company that has taken the time to address its information management needs (Cooper & Schindler, 2011). Research Design and Process

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