How to Plan a Birthday Party

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How to Plan a Birthday Party When you plan a party for someone it can be time consuming and tiring. Most people hire someone to plan the party for them. You want everyone to show up and have a great time. These are some steps I took to plan my son party. On February 11, 2015, I will be traveling to Wisconsin to have my son’s birthday party. On the 13th my son will be turning 1 year old. I’m planning to have his party at Chuck E Cheese.. 3 weeks prior to the party you can reserve a rental car through Enterprise Rental Car. You can contact them through the internet. You can reserve a full size car or a size car according to your family size. Next you should reserve a Hotel room for one week through You should try requesting a double bed or single bed room. Or what size is suitable for your family. You should now focus on your budget for the party. Your Budget is set at $400. You should make out an invitation list. Approximately 13 kids will fit your budget. You also need to choose a theme for the party. For instance Elmo is a great theme. Next you should go to Party City to purchase decorations and invitation. Purchase party decorations of Elmo and friends. Also purchase 2 packs of invitations to make sure you have enough for 13 kids. 2 weeks prior to the party. You should order the birthday cake. Madison Wisconsin has a grocery store named Hy-Vee. They make great cakes. Contact them and ask questions regarding sizes and cost. I would suggest asking about the race car Elmo cake. How to plan a Birthday Party 3 Now would be a great time to contact Chuck E Cheese to reserve a slot on their birthday list. You should then try to reserve a suitable time slot for your party. You should also use this time to ask questions about party meal deals and pizza prices. Also be sure to inform them that your bringing your own cake. Put the
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