How Does the Writer Present Her Thoughts and Feelings About Ww1 Essay

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How does the writer present her thoughts and feelings about WW1? In the extract the writer presents her thoughts and feelings by using contrast. She starts off with all of the good points about the men going to war, by being very hyperbole about it all, and then the contrast comes in to present her feelings of anti-war and protest, displaying the reality of what the war is doing to our country. For example ‘How important, how joyously important they were.’ This line displays how, now the men have gone off to war, the women have to take place of the men’s jobs and therefore are needed all of a sudden, and how great it is to feel part of society. In the contrasting paragraph, she presents how she is anti-war, by saying ‘stop all this!’ this use of short a sentence emphases her thoughts about war, and how in fact it is ruining society. Another way the writer presents thoughts and feelings is using lists. ‘Stop this breaking of homes, these sad privations, this mangling of men, this making of widows!’ This is used in the contrasting paragraph to again emphasise her thoughts about how sending the men off to war, will ruin society and create more problems. The way the writer contrast is showing how it is all good women getting these jobs, but in fact in the long run, it would not be a good thing, and will eventually take its toll. The writer looks at the role of changing women, and how before the war, women went to extreme lengths to try and get ‘the vote’ and to feel part of society, and the war has done this for them. ‘The war brought a vast unlocking of their energies.’ and ‘to serve, to be needed, to feel themselves part of this world-embracing Cause’. Even though the war has brought all of this for women, she still does not agree as it is ‘giving the men the cue for the trenches’ ‘For the war- for the slaughter.’ ‘This mangling of men, this making of
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