Womens During Ww1

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Name: Alan Morris how the lives of women changed? History Controlled assessment The lives of women before World War 1 was bad and unfair, the fashion of the women’s has made them restricted, there is part of the dress called corsets (which is around their stomach and pelvis) and the corsets had made lots of problems during the pregnancy, ¼ of women has died, because of the corsets, it squeezes the stomach and its harder to press during the birth. Before 1914 women’s weren’t allowed to vote and there was a group called the Suffragettes who always stand up for women’s right and the leader of the group was called Pankhurst, what they do is suicide front of the king's horse, break the windows and campaign for women’s right. Women were paid less than men because the government believes that men’s are stronger than the women’s and if they were married women they cannot work in the industry, but if it’s a poor family the only could work in Domestic Service in order to run the family and The women was always been dominated by the men and were beaten and the main job for the women was to look after the children. In response to women’s contribution in WW1 Women gained the right to vote. Because the women helped the government in order to win the war by creating ammunition and Farming, this changed the lives of women by having the right to choose who is going to control the country. I can also infer that, the group called the Suffragettes has been fighting for women's rights. Because, the leader Mrs Pankhurst believes that women and men are equal and should have the rights and this changed woman's life by getting the same amount of payment as the men. This can be seen on source A1 which states that ‘’ women had proved that they were just as important to the war effort as men in 1918 women were given some form of political representation. And also
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