How Does the Soviet-Afghan War Cause the Collapse of the Soviet Union?

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Many would question how a country like Afghanistan could have had any impact on the strongest communist nation of all time, the United of Soviet Socialist Republics, and most people would answer by saying that U.S.S.R was already on the verge of falling apart and Afghanistan was the final conflict that pushed it. I believe that Afghanistan was a strong role in the fall of the Soviet Union. The outcome of the invasion of Afghanistan had proved that the Red Army was in fact not untouchable. Thus, this had caused many Russian republics to demand independence and challenge the Red Army. And most importantly, the economy of the Soviet Union was in ruins after the U.S.S.R had chose to spend massive amounts of money on wars and the arms race. The world saw many of the U.S.S.R's failures in Afghanistan and took immediate advantage of it. Although there could be many reasons behind the U.S.S.R invading Afghanistan, it was officially to support the government of Afghanistan against the Islamic Mujahideen Resistance. The Mujahideen were being supported by the United States, China, Saudi Arabia, and the Pakistan government and obviously the U.S.S.R would be conflicted. When the war started off, U.S.S.R didn't expect it to be a decade-long war. Approximately one million Soviet soldiers were fighting in the war with some tens of thousands of them that were killed and injured. By 1986, the Afghan freedom fighters had already won many battles with the Soviet army as they were equipped heavily with US arms such as missiles and rockets. The numbers of of Soviet casualties were rapidly increasing and it was clear that the Soviets were losing this war. This is where the criticism and talks about Soviet leaders comes in. Since many of the Soviet soldiers were non-Russians, the disapproval towards the war increased in non-Russian Soviet republics. This was the first major sign of
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