How Does The Film Composer Establish The Other Or

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HOW DOES THE FILM COMPOSER ESTABLISH THE OTHER OR THE GOTHIC GENRE? A film that contains either an other or the gothic genre comprises of elements within the film that makes it what it is. When establishing an other in a film, it is important to make it evident to the audience that they are different to everyone else. The other is created through opposites. In other words, the other is everything humans are not, revealing what humanity is and what it isn’t. This can include physical appearance, race/religion and interpersonal skills. For example, in the film Edward Scissorhands, the composer makes Edward have scissors for hands, which is a clear indication that he is the other. Not to mention, Edward’s jet-black hair, pale skin, metallic clothes and his many scars make him stand out in a town where everyone is accustomed to the normal suburban lifestyle, where every day is the same as yesterday. The composer also focuses on Edward’s movements and mannerism rather than his speech. This is an effective way to draw all the attention to Edward’s facial actions and reactions to this strange world where he knows little about, which is another signal to show to the audience he is unlike the human race. When establishing the gothic genre, there are elements that make it characterised as a gothic film. Some of these elements include setting in a castle, atmosphere of mystery and suspense, supernatural events and usually a damsel in distress. Referencing back to the film Edward Scissorhands, it is clear that it is a gothic film due to the above elements. In the opening scene, there are many shots of a tremendous and old castle showcasing everything with black and blue-tinted hues, creating an atmosphere of mystery and suspense to the following events. The fear that the people experience of Edward causing trouble and disrupting their normal lifestyle is
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