How Does Oscar Wilde Portray The Character Of Jack In ‘The Importance Of Being Earnest’?

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Oscar Wilde was a part of high society and had a lot of wealth and high status, which, because of his own experience, could have inspired the characters of this play. The story is based around the character jack, who tries to lead a double life: naming himself Jack in the country, and Ernest in the city. Jack tries to be a traditionally moral Victorian gentleman, but with his lies his personality changes. In act one Jack’s character seems frustrated when he says “I simply want my cigarette case back.” The word ‘simply’ emphasises how annoyed Jack is because it shows how important this cigarette case is to him. Because he says the line at the end of the lie it shows how he wants to change the topic and get Algernon to stop aggravating him. Also, with the word ‘simple’, he is trying to show the honest truth, minimally. Jack seems angry when he says the lines ‘Your consent?’ and ‘That is absurd!’. The use of exclamation marks shows the actor playing the role of jack that there should be emphasis in the sentence and that they should use an angry tone. Jack is realising that his lies are soon to be uncovered and that they may stop him from being able to marry Gwendolen, which is making him frustrated, so he is taking his frustration out on Algernon, because Jack thinks that it is his fault and he is the cause of the problem for bringing up the subject. Jack is being well mannered and polite when he says the line ‘It is a very ungentle-manly thing to read a private cigarette case.’ It also makes Jack a slightly sneaky, because he uses it to change the subject of the conversation by making Algernon feel bad and want to stop talking, or make him argue his case back, which also changes the subject. This shows how much Jack wants to change the topic and point suspicion away from him. The

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