Capulet's Anger In Romeo And Juliet

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By using short and snappy sentences and question marks Shakespeare shows Capulet’s rage and anger. This can be seen when he says “my fingers itch” and “Is she not proud?” This quote shows us that Capulet has become so enraged that he’d even resort to domestic violence which links in to the social historical context – patriarchy. He owned Juliet and got to decide what would be done with her. Furthermore by using short sentences it shows that Capulet is so angry that he’s ‘thinking out loud’ and all the words are spilling out of his mouth without him even thinking about it. By firing short and rapid questions it shows that he doesn’t want an answer, as he isn’t giving anyone time to reply but also that he doesn’t want to hear an answer which would displease him. Additionally he also wants to get his point across and be dramatic at the same time to emphasise that he is very angry about what Juliet has done.…show more content…
Capulet insults Juliet by calling her a “tallow-face!” and “disobedient wretch!” Name calling is a very childish thing to do and here we see Capulet just throwing a tantrum because he is not getting his way. This shows that Capulet is not used to Juliet or anyone disobeying him, he is used to being in the spotlight where people treat him as royalty. However as soon as someone does not do what he says he goes mad and you can see this because he starts cursing his only child and he doesn’t care about how she might feel. This is very immature because he just carries on shouting at her and doesn’t even stop to actually question her motives because all he wants is for Juliet to change her mind. He is also cruel in his choice of insults as he calls her a “green-sickness carrion!” and he is trying to tell her that she’s no different than a pile of skeletons if she doesn’t marry

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