How Does Gilman Describe Jane's Relationship In The Yellow Wallpaper

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Your Name Name of Class Professors Name Date The Yellow Wallpaper Charlotte Perkins Gilman The short story, The Yellow Wallpaper, written by Charlotte Perkins Gilman was first published in 1899 and is the journal of Jane who is quite ill with what is regarded as “temporary nervous depression” (Gilman, 1899). She is taken away on holiday by her husband, and kept in a room where she is meant to be healing. However, she finds herself distracted by the wallpaper in the room, and begins a downward spiral into complete psychosis as her perception of and relationship with the wallpaper evolves. The relationship with the yellow wallpaper is not the only thing that changes, as she soon begins to see distinct changes in her husband, her sister-in-law, and herself. She is compelled to unlock the secret of the wallpaper, at any…show more content…
She spends all night watching the woman crawl back and forth inside of the wall. She begins to grow suspicious of both Jennie and John, believing that they too are aware of the yellow wallpaper’s secrets. She also begins to see the woman in the garden; she knows it is the same woman “for she is always creeping”(Gilman1899). She becomes obsessed with unlocking the woman from inside of the yellow wallpaper. Jane grows jealous, as she believes Jennie is secretly trying to do the same. On the last day of their stay, the Narrator decides that she has the perfect opportunity to free the woman in the wallpaper. After the room is emptied, she locks herself inside of it and demands to be left alone. Tearing free the wallpaper, she enters full psychosis, and takes on the persona of the woman in the wallpaper. When her husband returns that evening, he finds her creeping madly across against the wall. Jane is no longer speaking as herself, but as the obsession she has become, and declares to John that he will not put her back in the
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