Analysis of the Yellow Wallpaper

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Cody Tyson Page 1 10 Feburary 2012 ENGL-2328-WS1 Article Analysis on “The Yellow Wallpaper” "The Yellow Wallpaper" is a battle between creativity and rationality, creativity coming from the mind of the narrator and rationality coming from what is actually going on in the so called "real" world surrounding the narrator. With that being said context plays an enormous role in this short story due to the fact of how the different forms of context are used to connect with the reader and establish a association that helps provide a better understanding to this intriguing story. Without of which this short story would be a seem less blur of words that provided no intellectual meaning for the reader to connect with. This short story is a first-person account of a young mother’s mental deterioration over the course of a summer. The unnamed narrator of the story is advised to abstain from any and all physical activity and intellectual stimulation. May it be reading, writing, or even to seeing her new baby. To ensure the narrator receives the full effect of this form of treatment, the woman’s husband takes her to a country house where she is kept in a former nursery decorated with yellow wallpaper. Over time she becomes obsessed with the wallpaper in every aspect whether it be the look or even smell of it. She eventually becomes so absorbed by the wallpaper that she sees a woman trapped inside of it and then tries to free her by peeling off the wallpaper. Once she peels off the wallpaper to free the women her husband returns and faints at the sight of her circling the room which she continues to do despite having to crawl over his slumped body. Context can be described as "The part of a text or statement that surrounds a Page 2 particular word or passage and determines its meaning." Which in this case is extremely important for
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