How Does Clarisse Influence Montag

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One moment in the story were Montag is influenced by Clarisse is when Clarisse playing with dandelions. Shell tells Montag that if the dandelion rubs off it mean he was in love, when Clarisse tries it on Montag the dandelion doesn’t rub on his chin. Clarisse tells Montag that he is not in love and Montag responds by saying, “I am, very much in love! He tried to conjure up a face to fit the words, but there was no face. “I am!”(Bradbury24). This means that Clarisse already knows that Montag doesn’t love anyone, and that is something that Montag doesn’t want to accept because he tries to conjure a face that shows he is in love but he fails. This matter because Clarisse opens Montag’s eyes and suggests that he is wrong he doesn’t love anyone. It shows that there is conflict within Montag because he wants to love Mildred but he doesn’t feel anything for her. Montag starts to realize that love is something that must be felt not just said. This is important to Montag because now he will reconsider his relationship with…show more content…
“Sometimes I sneak around and listen in subways. Or I listen at soda fountains, and do you now what?” “What?” “People don’t talk about anything. “Oh, they must!”(Bradbury 31). Clarisse confesses to Montag that people don’t talk about anything and everything seems to have no meaning. This means that Clarisse may have influenced Montag to observe other people when he goes to the subway and pay attention to their actions. This matters because it may change Montag’s view of how people interact with one another; people seem so hypnotized by technology that they forget about the simple pleasures of having a conversation with someone. Montag is motivated to understand why people have lost the sense of touch with other people. He realized that people don’t have relationships anymore they are interested in
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