How Does Advertising Affect People?

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Mini personal project. Goal: Advertisements have always been present in my, and the life of many others. This has inspired me to use my personal project to investigate the tactics that are used by the media to manipulate the customer. It is a known fact that advertisements manipulate us semi cautiously, even though many are not aware of this. The way this is done, and how each advert has a different method/tactics used and how each is affective for its different product. Advertisement is all around us, even if we think we do not notice it, our sub cautious mind appeals to some products more that to other after seeing thing such as adverts or packaging. But why? And how exactly does this affect us? I will develop a small booklet which will have a few adverts in it. These adverts will be explained, expanding on their effectiveness and message, and what tactic is used to make us want to buy this product. I will find the most contrasting adverts I can and make sure to really find different tactics, and not the same one for each advert. I will also make sure that what I write is easy to understand and clearly set out. This booklet is meant to teach people exactly how they are manipulated, and what they need to pay attention to when falling for an advert. I will use as many different sources as I can to make sure my information in up to date and precise. This will include different websites, a few books and maybe even an interview. This will ensure that everything is accurate and that there are also many different aspects that have been investigated. My project is based on what man has created, and therefore my area of interaction is homo Faber. This is because adverts are created by man to manipulate buyers, and clearly homo Faber applies to this. My research question is “how does media use psychology to affect the buyer in adverts?” Since many people
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