How Did The Us Enter Ww1

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A Bridge of Ships Upon the United States entering World War I in 1917, the Allied Nations were on the brink of defeat. After fighting for nearly three years, the allied troops were struggling to find the man power, weapons, and resources to continue fighting. It was certain that if they did not receive help soon, they would be defeated by the Central Powers. On April 2, 1917, the Allied Nations received news that gave them new hope for a chance of victory. On that day, United States President, Woodrow Wilson, went to Congress and asked for a declaration of war against Germany. The proposal sent the United States into the First World War. The Allied Nations were under continuos attack by the German forces and losing ground quickly. The United States was under serious pressure to provide major help. President Wilson had to devise a plan that would provide the Allied Nations with their materials, supplies, food, and fresh troops. Wilson’s plan involved more than the federal government and the military; his plan involved helped from the entire American population including the factory workers, the farmers, and the young American men. In order to be successful, President Wilson had to unite the entire American population and make them work together toward the war effort. When World War I began in 1914, the majority…show more content…
The soldiers in Europe were starving and were in great need of more food. Wilson had encouraged and provided incentives to the American farmers to grow more grain and raise more hogs. Both of these products were essential ingredients to the diet of the European soldiers. By encouraging the farmers to grow these products, the American farmer was eventually able to meet the demand the military had for food. Not only did this help the soldiers, but it also helped support the Agriculture business in
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