How Did The Beatles Changed The World

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The Beatles Four young men once came together to form a rock band that changed the world forever. John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr came from Liverpool, England around 1950. These talented men created more than music, they developed a different way of life. Today, The Beatles may not be together, but the influence they had on popular culture still remains and continues to grow. Before the Beatles, the boys were for the most part strangers all looking for a music career. At age 17, John Lennon and his first band, The Black Jacks formed. Soon after they started out they changed their name to The Quarry Men. The band played skiffle music, which is a mix of jazz, blues, county and roots. In 1957, a member of the band introduced John to Paul, who later joined the band in October that year. Once Paul joined The Quarry Men, he persuaded Lennon to let George join too (White). The band of Lennon, Griffiths, Hanton, Davis, Shotton, Garry, McCartney, and Harrison later turned into a trio. John, Paul, and George continued to perform briefly until…show more content…
Paul McCartney continued his musical career and made several albums since the 1970’s. He has releases numerous singles that were successful with artists like Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder. In 200, Paul was welcomed into the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame as a solo artist. McCartney also took in a love for art. He started painting in 1983. He also began writing poetry. In 2001 he published a volume of poems. Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr continue to live and be successful today. The 1960’s were known as The Beatle Decade. The Beatles revolutionized music in that they were the first band to have a major mainstream success ( The Beatles played all over the world and wrote music that everyone loved. They started out as a young boy band fifty years ago and to this day, their music is still playing. The impact the Fab four had on the world is

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