How Did Rosa Bonhuer's Impact In History

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Rosa Bonhuer was born in Bordeaux, France, March 16, 1822 and died in Thomery, France, May, 1899. She was a French animalier and realist artists, one of few female scultors. Paulus Potter was born on November 20th 1625 and baptised in Enkhuizen, Dutch Republic and died in January 1654. In this essay i will explain how artists evolve during time and improve by influence through other work by other artists. I am going to discuss how Rosa Bonhuer has made a impact in history through work of one of many artists in this case i will be comparing her with Paulus Potter i will discuss the similaritys of how both artists become painters the life backgrounds and how there work had progressed into works of art to be known throughout history. Bonheur

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