Women Rights Are Still Oppressed

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Women Rights are Still Oppressed Victoria Hardy Brandman University Woman Rights are Still Oppressed Dating back centuries ago women freedoms of expression throughout history have always been oppressed of inequality. Woman recognition in Art, Textbooks, History, Literature and rights to Vote has always been an up struggle to be recognized for being talented by the world. Not just an equal part to men but to also be empowered to be great human beings in a male dominated world. For century’s woman have fought long and hard to be considered to be equal. History has unveiled the years of sacrifices woman before my time had to endure to help young woman like myself to stand up for what we believe in today. Rose Bonheur a famous woman artist in France in the nineteenth century learning all her skills of painting from her father who was a drawling teacher and landscaper. Many men in the 1800’s were known to be very educated in art unlike women. Women seeking professional careers in the arts were restricted in their opportunities to receive an artistic education. This excluded them from receiving free training at the state-sponsored École des Beaux-Arts until 1897. Drawing classes were an essential part of academic study, they were denied to women in both public and private institutions. Women were deemed inappropriate and even dangerous to their morals as young ladies. Bonheur was most known for her animal paintings especially “The Horse Fair” in 1853. Later after her death in 1899, she received numerous awards celebrating her art and life Receiving Commander of the Order of Isabella the Catholic in Spain, The Order of Lepold of Belgium and the Legion of Honor in France Bonheur being the first woman to ever receive these awards in history. Mary Ann Evans also known as George Eliot a famous novelist in the Victorian era completed most of her work under an alias
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