Art And Art History Essay

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Art has been a huge part of of lives and history, since the beginning days of human existence. In the past, art was about making something special and beautiful, that represents a story, or a memory. Yet, as time passed this theory changed, but the identity of the art stayed the same. Art is defined as the product of human creativity, the creation of beautiful and significant things. Art is the relationship between the artist and the world surrounding him. The world will change but the art would stay strong. Art is basically everything surrounding us, everything which is designed and built is art, the shoes that you wear, the chair that u sit on and many other things can be considered as art. It is pretty interesting how art has changed during time and each period or generation and they had their own definition of art and it was different, each one has their own way to describe art, the usage of materials and creating stuffs. Art history includes the entire history of humankind; from the prehistoric age all the way up to the twenty-first century. Art history is refers to the history of the visual arts. but In my opinion it does not just limit to the visual art and includes different types of art. The way art history is defined has also changed over the years. The goal of Art history is to categorize changes in art throughout time and help to understand how art has shaped. Some people believe the study of Art history is purely the study of European art throughout time, but the subject contains materials from different part of the world such as ancient Egypt, China, Ancient Middle East, Persia etc. The study of Art history will help people gain information about different things from that specific time period or place; such as the life style, weather, the society, and understanding the culture. Also by studying and comparing different periods in art history

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