How Did Martin Luther King Jr Letter To Change

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The Letter for Change In the spring of 1963, Martin Luther King Jr. was arrested on April 12 for his protests and demonstrations and sat in a cell of a Birmingham jail. Eight of Alabama’s top white religious leaders issued a formal statement calling the boycott of white stores in Birmingham “unwise and untimely” (King, Martin Luther, 1929-1968). Some people believed the issue would be resolved on its own time and Dr. King was just stirring the pot and causing trouble. Others agreed with Dr. King that racism had to be addressed directly and immediately. Most of Dr. King’s followers believed his arrest was unjust and he should have been instantly released. But Dr. King was so committed and devoted to the issue of racism and segregation in America that he was not that concerned with being released; he…show more content…
King’s Letter from Birmingham Jail just received its fiftieth year anniversary. The letter was effective and definitely had a positive impact in the civil rights movement and the future for African Americans. King’s arrest was not for nothing, the letter he wrote while in there helped people realize racism needed to be addressed promptly. African Americans now have equal rights as white people, and cities are no longer segregated. In 2008, a black man was elected the President of the United States. African Americans have come a long way and made a lot of progress in society. It seems as if the movement is over, yet there are still subtle inequalities all around in education and the workforce. Black people still have the problem of stereotyping and racial profiling. Seventeen-year-old Trayvon Martin was gunned down and murdered by a neighbor as he walked home from the store in February 2012 because of racial profiling (Martin). Particularly in Birmingham, there has been a lot of change for the better. The University of Alabama at Birmingham is a thriving university right in downtown Birmingham. The university is one of the nation’s highest ranked for
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