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Did Kett's Rebellion Fail As A Result Of Poor Lead Essay

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  • on January 30, 2011
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Below is an essay on "Did Kett's Rebellion Fail As A Result Of Poor Lead" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Did Kett’s Rebellion fail as a result of poor leadership? Explain your answer – 15 MARKS
You should include the following in your answer, and any other information of your own
  * Kett’s followers camped outside Norwich for six weeks
  * King Edward VI offered the rebels a pardon
  * Robert Kett was hanged in chains from the wall of Norwich castle
I believe Kett failed due to his poor leadership. Although; this wasn’t the only reason why he failed, there were many reasons why he failed and reasons for his poor leadership, as well.
In July 9th, Kett and the followers camped in the biggest city in the region- Norwich. Several people around the country joined the protest, and; later on there was many camps scattered across Norfolk and Suffolk. This shows the determination and commitment betweens the protesters. Kett showed a good leadership which lead to many people believing and committing themselves to join the protesters. As well as, Kett believed to use the non-violent tactic as they had nothing against the king, and so didn’t want to disobey the leader, Also; he hoped that the King would take their side and mend the problem, and; therefore, he respected the Kings religion. As well as, Kett showed how determine he was as they had set their own parliament under “Thee Tree of Reformation” which they organised many protests. This shows that Kett was a good leadership.
In July 21st, the royal messenger offered a full pardon to the rebels to end this protest and to go home peacefully. Although, the 21 grievances they sent wasn’t being taken into consideration and therefore, they rejected the pardon. Is this when Kett took the wrong step? As Kett was expecting the King to take his side, all his hope had fallen to the ground, and that’s when he started to use violence against the soldiers. Kett had royalty to the king although, many reasons to why he became a poor leadership maybe because he didn’t show his royalty enough so that the king can understand that...

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