How Did Martin Luther King Change The World

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Close your eyes and imagine Martin Luther King Jr. returning to the United States. If this were possible to happen, he would have a lot of thoughts running through his head. He would feel accomplished and I think he would know that he made a difference in the world today. He also would feel that he made many impacts in our world such as, segregation, the equal opportunities of African Americans and he would be very surprised to see Barack Obama a man of the African American race our new president of the United States. Martin Luther King Jr. made such a great impact on segregation. In Martins days as a young boy, blacks and whites were separated and they did not get along very well. They were separated by the Jim Crow Laws. For example, they…show more content…
Back in M.L.K’s time they did not have equal opportunities as whites. They did not have the right to vote until the 15th amendment was passed and it only gave black men that right. A lot has changed since M.L.K has been around. When Martin was going to school whites and blacks had to go to different schools. They were supposed to be equal but his school had windows covered with wood, while whites had glass windows. Also white people had the opportunity to take a bus to school; on the other hand black students would have to walk. They did not have equal jobs, it would be hard for a black person to find a job and if they did find a job they wouldn’t get payed like as much as a white person would. Who would have thought that one man could make such an impact on our nation today? Martin Luther King Jr. would be so surprised to see Barack Obama an African American man our new president of the United States. Im sure he would realize the difference he made if he saw that so many white people contributing to the presidential election. Not only that, but a lot of white folks even voted for him and attended many of his rallies. I can recall that in one of Barack Obama’s speeches he touched upon a very famous preacher this famous preacher being Martin Luther King. He stated that he wouldn’t be in the position he is now if it wasn’t for M.L.K.’s dedication in what he believed
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