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Hursh Patel IH851 09/30/2013 The Epic of Gilgamesh Gilgamesh, the powerful two thirds God king of Uruk was considered to be a great king in the beginning of this epic. Even though Gilgamesh’s people often complained about him. This womanizing infamous man, lived however he felt deemed. Treated and talked to Gods and Goddesses how he wanted. Yet close to the end of Table XI, Gilgamesh seems to feel emotions one wouldn’t believe he was capable of. This brute of God/man finally expressed more than his superior nature. He showed caring, compassion, and love for his friend. He showed that his true fear was one thing, Death. His arrogant evil ways seems to fade as the epic continues and almost disappear. An example of Gilgamesh’s change…show more content…
A human sent down and created by the gods to rival Gilgamesh, ended up befriending the protagonist. Gilgamesh believing he is superior, found an equal to him. Slowly as the story continues Gilgamesh finds a brotherly love towards Enkidu. This is very important because this is the first time Gilgamesh has expressed more than superiority. This causes him to shift his tyrannous ruler ways to wanting to do better things for his city. One can slowly see how he is changing throughout the story. After Enkidu is introduced Gilgamesh becomes a better leader and is able to create a better order for his city of…show more content…
Even in this way, this was the most substantial change because it caused Gilgamesh to change not only his rule over Uruk, but wanted to do more for it. His distain and anger for the gods subsided. Although Gilgamesh lost his only true friend. This once troubled two thirds God king, found wisdom and became a hero. Although he was never able to truly become immortal or young. The kind of man Gilgamesh ended up becoming is the true definition of immortality. Those were the events that caused the changes one can see that transformed Gilgamesh to the person he would

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