House on Mango Street and the Rocking Horse Winner" Compare & Contrast

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Villarreal pg.1 In the two short stories’ “House on Mango Street” written by Sandra Cisneros and “The Rocking Horse Winner” written by D.H. Lawrence there are many similarities and differences that the author illustrates throughout the story. The family in “The House on Mango Street” is the complete opposite of the family in “The Rocking Horse Winner.” Even though the families are completely different they do both share the need for more money. Paul who is the son of a young English women in the story “The Rocking Horse Winner” and Esperanza Cordero who is the daughter of low class Latino family are the main characters in these two stories and we will find out that both of these characters have the same ambition to have more than what life has given them and the things that they will be willing to do and struggle through to get to their goal. Paul has parents who were fortunate enough to be left an inheritance. Esperanza has parents who were born into a life of poverty and have had to struggle throughout their life just maintain a decent living. Paul’s family lives in a mansion with servants and housekeepers whereas Esperanza has lived in multiple houses only to be left dreaming of a nice house to live in. The parents of Paul are very ignorant and selfish due to their ranking financial status as middle-class whereas Esperanza’s family is sharing and walk through life as one. If Esperanza struggles then the whole family will struggle with her to get her through unlike Paul’s parents where the mother will receive money and instead of spending it with her Paul and his father she would rather go shopping for herself. Esperanza and her family have more family values due to the fact they have been living the in the poverty level most of their life with nothing leaving them with only to each other to rely on. Paul and his parents let their financial status get the best

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