Eveline vs. the Chrysanthemums

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For centuries woman have been put down and made to seem as though they are weak beings. The role of woman in the world for centuries has been a constant struggle for the upper hand between men and women, with the same old school attitude that men are superior to women. In James Joyce's “Eveline” and John Steinbeck's “The Chrysanthemums”. The short stories both depict the constant conflicts Eveline and Elisa the female characters both have when it comes to their independence, self worth and with the conflict they have within themselves to break away from the demeaning male figure in their lives. They both long for something more but are unsure because woman in those times rarely were very independent. Although Eveline and Elisa are very alike they have many parts of their stories that make them different. In “Eveline” James Joyce depicts a story of a young woman named Eveline just over the age of nineteen that has to choose between the familiar life with her family or a new life on her own with the love of her life. At home Eveline leads a life of cleaning and cooking for her drunken aggressive father. Eveline sees the kind of life she is leading from her mother’s unhappiness. This is the reason Eveline wants to break away and be a free woman. However a part of her sees the good in the situation with her family and it is all the good memories she cannot let go of. Eveline is scared to let go. She desires to escape but her weakness to stay with the familiar takes over. Eveline is an indecisive young woman who has never had somebody to teach her to go out on her own two feet in the real world. Eveline knows what’s right for her. She dreams of a life where people respect her yet she does not demand it and she settles for less. When the time finally comes for Eveline to leave her past life behind and join the love of her life, Eveline is faced with her decision her life

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