Homelessness – Individual Choice vs. Social Factors

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There are many ways people become homeless. It is usually a series of events, such as losing a job, getting divorced, dropping out of college, facing a death or tragedy, drug addiction, mental illness, etc. Some homeless people have a job but can’t afford to have a home because minimum wage isn’t a living wage. Many homeless people feel there are no opportunities left for them because they learned this behavior. Many just need the right opportunities shown to them to change their whole perspective on life. Many of these people had no choice but to become homeless. Economic problems such as being laid off work, or the rise in the cost of housing had lead people to live on the streets. People with mental illnesses also become homeless quite often. These people are incapable of handling the stress of living on their own. These people get kicked out of their homes and are too ashamed to go to their families because of their illness, so we see them on the streets struggling to stay warm. Teenage mothers are also forced to live on the streets because their families will not help them. The fathers are not there and that forces them to live on the streets. There are many other people that become homeless for many different reasons. Some of these people cannot help becoming homeless. Some of these people are the illegal immigrants that come here from other places to get a better life but end up not having enough money to make it in this hard world that we live in. Teenage runaways have different reasons for leaving home but all have the same reason for becoming homeless. They simply just do not have enough money. Others are drug and alcohol abusers and disabled people. With this list of people there must be some way that we can help these people. There are many shelters were the homeless can go to get out of the cold and sleep on a cot instead of a bench or the hard

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