Hobbes vs Locke

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Be it resolved that John Locke’s Theory is stronger and better than that of Thomas Hobbes, on the basis of man’s ‘state of nature’; social contract and ‘the right of rebellion’. Thomas Hobbes and John Locke were opposing philosophers from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries during the time of enlightenment. Their viewpoints are important in explaining differences in the mind and the way people infer human behaviour in a natural state. Locke believed that all men are born with freedom, equality, and independence. All men have the right to be free and by forming a social contract, a nation can be brought together. He enforced the idea of a republic and that the people under ruling should have a part of the leadership governing how they live and that if government abused its powers ranging from law to tyranny they should be overthrown. Locke helped form the basis of modern liberalism, we use today. One of Locke’s main ideas was that men were born with a blank slate in a ‘state of nature’, and could distinguish right from wrong. He believed that man inherently had an understanding of goodness. He believed in the Tabula rasa, which is a philosophical theory that individuals are born with a blank mind and knowledge comes from their experiences and perception of society . This ‘blank slate’ can be proven in many civilizations, an easy example is comparing Thomas Hobbes and John Locke. They were both born in Europe, during different times. Thomas Hobbes was writing his philosophy when England was in the midst of its civil wars, whereas John Locke was writing at the time of the debate that led to the Glorious Revolution of 1688 . The two produced philosophies ended up being very different considering the experiences that Hobbes and Locke had to go through. Hobbes was writing amidst chaos and savagery trying to find man in a ‘state of nature’, and the length of the
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