History of S.W.A.T.

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History of S.W.A.T. Do you even realize that SWAT teams perform multiple exercises of training and practice in order to be excellent at their role? The very first SWAT team was developed in Delano, California in the late 1960’s. Today, Tactical teams are present in every city with a police force in excess of a handful of officers. Their training focuses on skills like shooting firearms, team building, communication methods, and other challenging situations that promote safety, diligence and control. A talented SWAT member should be even-tempered, self-disciplined, and efficient. SWAT teams require lots of training and practice in order to become members of that special force. (Extreme careers police SWAT teams) S.W.A.T. (Special Weapons and Tactics) teams were first established in the 1960’s after the watts riots that left 34 people dead. Police departments felt an urgent need to create a specialized force of officers. They began training special crews or groups of officers for specialized missions. Some SWAT teams are used for crime suppression, where officers who are not on call-up or in training, are used to patrol crime-ridden areas. These teams are usually searching for threats like a terrorist organization or gangs. SWAT team officers who are on call-up must make themselves available 24/7 and be prepared to perform well no matter when their services are requested. They must be mentally prepared to protect the public at all times! SWAT teams undergo rigorous practice drills that are meant to make situations as realistic as possible. They aim to subdue a suspect without a single shot being fired. They attempt a quiet and undetected entry, taking criminals into custody before they even realize they are under surveillance. Now let’s talk more about the training part. (Extreme careers Police SWAT teams) Training is a big part in the Police/SWAT agency. During

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