History of Nurses Guild

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Greater Friendship Missionary Baptist Church
History of the Nurses Guild

In all started when several members of Greater Friendship M B church conceived the idea of forming a Nurses Guild. A proposal was submitted to Pastor Dave S. Davis and the Church Board with the approval, blessing and other nurses from the Greater St. John MB Church the Nurses Guild was organized on March 14, 1981.

The first officers were; Sis. Ida Johnson, President, Sis. Roberta James, Secretary, Sis. Catherine Hall, Treasurer, sis. Ruthie Alsander, Chaplain

The members were: Sis Corrine Griffin, Sis Ann Stovall, Sis Aquilla Watkins, Sis. Marilyn Davis, Sis. Aluella Chism, Sis Rosie Coleman, Sis Louise Robertson, Sis. Gracie Martin, Sis. Gloria Sanders, Sis Earlene a Sis Estella McFadden, Sis. Nevada Huggins, Sis. Annie Bridge, Sis. Delores Peterson

Each member was active as a health care provider in hospital or nursing homes. They also received certification from the Red Cross in home nursing and CPR. The Friendship Nurses also worked funeral whenever possible and church as they still do today.

The Nurses Guild has lost some members and gained others.
The officers in 1991 were: Sis. Catherine Hall, President, Sis Mary Palmer, Vice President, sis Gwen Golden, Secretary, Sis. Aquilla Watkins, Treasurer, Sis Ann Stovall, Sick Committee

The members that joined in 1991 were: Sis Mary Staggers, Sis Clara Davis, Sis Elizabeth Northern, Sis Barbara Leonard, Sis Lewanda Toles, Sis Jaques Black, Sis Jackie Sanders, and Sis. Teresa McFadden, Sis Patricia Austin, Sis, Kim Peterson, Bro. James Austin was appointed under shepherd for the Nurses Guild 1994-2003 Officers were Sis:Catherine hall, President, Sis. Ann Bridge, Vice President, Sis Barbara Lenard, Secretary, Sis Acquilla; Watkins, Treasurer, Sis. Ann Stovall, Sick Committee,

2004-2005 Officers were: Sis.Barbara

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