Advanced Practice Role Analysis

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The aim of the assignment is to look why advanced practice is needed in the author’s field of practice. The assignment will look at the author’s role working as a Community Matron (CM) within a large inner City Primary Care Trust (PCT); in relation to national developments and perspectives in both the United Kingdom (UK) and on an international level.

The CM role was originally launched in 2005 in response to the NHS Improvement Plan (Department of Health, 2004). The aim of the role was to enable patients to stay at home, prevent hospital admissions and to have more choice about their care (Queens Nursing Institute, 2005). For this to be achieved the Department of Health (DH) proposed that by 2007, 3000 CMs to be in post across the UK (DH,
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The author highlights there is currently numerous definitions defining the role of an ANP and that of a CM with very little variation. The author goes on to say that the review of literature can be confusing and contradicting at times. Following a review of the literature there is no clear rational why a CM doesn’t need to undertake a full master’s programme, although they are advised to develop in-line with ANP…show more content…
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