Importance Of Scope Of Practice In Health Care

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Introduction This is a pivotal time in health care and change is imminent. Reform efforts are driving the way we provide and pay for health care.1 Under considerable scrutiny is who will provide the care.2 Many of the proposed changes are asking nurse practitioners to practice to the full extent of their education. However, restrictive state laws and regulations hinder their ability to do so. 3, 4 Strong political support and effective grassroots advocacy are necessary to effect changes in state laws and regulations. 5 While nurses represent the largest number of health professionals in the United States, they have had limited success in influencing health policy. 6 Despite the general consensus that nurses’ need to be engaged in the politics…show more content…
Some physicians claim that only a physician can safely coordinate the health care team. 2 With thirty years of safety, quality and cost effectiveness documented in research, NPs have demonstrated the ability to provide quality and cost effective care comparable to that of physicians.[pic]4, 10, 18 19 One obstacle that has limited nurse practitioners’ ability to provide care for patients are state rules and regulations related to scope of practice, some of which require collaboration or supervision by a physician. 3, 4 This has led to a debate over NP scope of practice. Scope of practice is defined by each state’s regulatory body.3 Changes in state laws, rules and regulations that direct NP practice and require supervision or collaboration agreements with a physician are necessary to ensure NPs practice to the full extent of their education and training. 3,…show more content…
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