High School Soccer Narrative

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Some of my best sports memories come from my four years of high school soccer. I was one of the only kids that actually looked forward to the end of summer. Ever year I could not wait until August fifteenth. You could feel the excitement build in the air all summer long. Build up to the start of another soccer season. We never won a state title or a conference championship. We never even had a winning season, but I still will never forget those long days of practice and the trill of competition out on the old grass field that lay just behind my high school. The field its self was not much to look at. We did not have a huge stadium like most school. There was no huge loft of bleachers or towing lights around the field. There was no fancy scorers box or intercom system or even a sprinkler system. You would not see a huge score board with a Pepsi or Coke logo on like at other schools. We did not even a concession stand. All you would see is the bare essentials. The field it’s self was one hundred and twenty yards long and a…show more content…
This was always the hot part of the year. Every one on the team would all show up and sit under the small shade tree on the far side of the field. We would sit and talk about ours summer and the up coming school year. Then “she” would come walking up. All five foot and one hundred pounds of her. She was in her early sixties, with light blond hair and skin that had aged from years in sun. She would arrive in her full Nike outfit and sunglasses. Whistle in one hand and stop watch in the other. Of course when I refer to “she” I’m talking about our soccer coach, Mrs .McCool. She is the only old woman that I knew that could strike fear into a group of teenage males. It was Coach McCool’s belief that a soccer player should not need a substitute. (Which could not have been true do to the number of one goal games we lost late in the second half.) So with one puff of her whistle “Hell” would

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