Heracles As A Greek Hero Essay

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The hero of Greece and son of Zeus, king of the gods, Heracles is one of the most popular of the Greek mythological heroes. Son of the mortal woman Alcmene and Zeus, he was conceived when Zeus took the form of Amphitryon in order to seduce Alcmene. From birth Heracles was the subject of Heras’ hatred. Hera the queen of the gods hated him as he was a constant reminder of yet another unfaithful act of Zeus. Her fury at Zeus over his infidelity for his many affairs caused much of the hardships Heracles faced through his life. The first of them took the form of 2 snakes sent into the room he shared with his half brother Iphicles, son of Alcmene and her husband Amphitryon. Heracles proceeded to strangle both serpents one in each hand while Iphicles sat in his crib crying in fear. Childhood saw multiple teachers for Heracles. Eurytus taught him how to shoot a bow. Autolycus trained him in wrestling. His adopted father Amphitryon taught him how to drive a chariot. While teaching him music Linus earned the ire of Heracles and was…show more content…
Impervious to any weapons Heracles had to trap the lion in a cave and then using his great strength he strangled it to death using his bare hands. After killing it Heracles then skinned the lion and used its hide as a cape. The cape became one of the ways he was most known throughout the world. Second he was instructed to slay the Lernaian Hydra. Possessing nine heads cutting off one head results in two more growing to take its place Heracles was forced to ask his squire Iolaos to help him slay the beast. As Heracles cut off a head Iolaos would cauterize the stump preventing any regeneration. When the final head was removed Heracles then buried the last head under a huge boulder. Eurystheus would tell Heracles that since he had the help of Iolaos in this labor that it would not count toward the ten labors he was to perform, as all were supposed to be performed

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