Grendel the Destroyer

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Grendel the Destroyer Grendel, The Destroyer, as he was called in chapter 9 of Gardners book, Grendel. Grendel, written by John Gardner is a novel about a monstrous creature named Grendel, and how he wants to fit into human society but how he ends up trying to kill it. Throughout the book, Grendel is pictured as many things ranging from a misunderstood antihero to a monstrous creature. He is a monstrous creature because he murders without remorse, he enjoys killing, he doesn’t kill in self defense, and he knows he could choose not to kill but does so anyways. I know grendel is a monstrous creature because he kills without remorse throughout the entire book. …I saw myself killing them, on and on and on… ” (Gardner 81). This quote is when Grendel enters the mead hall in the night and all the Danes keep running at him trying to kill him. The next quote is right after the dragon puts his charm on Grendel who decides to test it out. “I held up the guard to taunt them, then held him still higher and leered into his face… As if casually… I bit his head off, crunched through the helmet and skull with my teeth and, sucked the blood that sprayed like a hot, thick geyser from his neck,” (Gardner 79). This quote shows how after getting the charm no weapon could hurt Grendel which allowed him to become even more monstrous with his killing. This last quote is from the very end of the book when he enters the mead hall right before he dies. “For pure, mad prank, I snatch up a cloth from the nearest table and tie it around my neck to make a napkin… I seize up a sleeping man, tear at him hungrily, bite through his bone-locks and suck hot, slippery blood. He goes down in huge morsels, head, chest, hips, legs, even the hands and feet. My face and arms are wet, matted. The napkin is sopping,” (Gardner 168). This last quote shows how he not only shows no remorse, but also takes
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