Heart of Darkness - the Use of Frame Tale Essay

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Frame tale, also known as frame story or frame narrative, is a literature technique that can be known as story within a story. By using this technique, the writer will create a story at the beginning that will not generally be the main concentration of the remains of the narrative. Instead, this frame story will be used to set up another story, smaller one (or several ones), which usually has greater emphasis or importance. Heart of Darkness is Joseph Conrad’s famous novel and it had a screen adaption in 1993, which demonstrates a narrator telling a story while the protagonist is quoted so as to give the framed appearance that he is telling the story. The narrator provides the transition to the one speaking the story. At the beginning of the story, Conrad chooses to have an anonymous narrator, who listens to Marlow on the deck of the Nellie, tell Marlow's story to the reader, making Heart of Darkness may be at first baffled. And why Conrad would make Heart of Darkness a frame tale at all but not essentially begin with Marlow telling the story as many first-person narratives do? The reason is that Conrad's frame narrator, as well as the reader, learns that his thoughts regarding European imperialism are established on a number of lies that he has wholeheartedly believed. By the end of the novel, Marlow's story significantly changes the narrator's demeanor toward the ships and men of the past. Heart of Darkness takes off not on a steamboat fighting its way upriver in the Congo, but on the deck of a domestic trade using boat – a "cruising yawl", rather than on an overseas imperial invasion boat. The sails do not flutter, the tide has subsided and the wind is "nearly calm." The reader quickly sees a contradiction between the quiet European setting and the chaotic and threatening African landscape described later. The narrator begins speaking as the day is going to be

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