Fight Club Short Story Essay

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You don’t talk about fight club The short story “Fight Club” uses many different themes to portray what the narrator of the story is telling. The author, Chuck Palahniuk wrote this story as a fictional narrative and is written using a technique called in medias res where the reader is being put right into the middle of the story. While it is clear the story is being told from the perspective of one person, it is never made clear what the identity of the narrator is. The narrator is one of the main characters in the story along with another man named Tyler who would be considered the protagonist or main character. The narrator and Tyler are friends and it is between the two of them that the idea of Fight Club is invented. The story of fight club is filled with many interesting and thought-provoking themes to create a sense of what is happening throughout the story. A theme in the story is that Fight Club is used as a source of freedom from society, a way for people to heal themselves by showing up and getting involved in the fighting. They are able to go to fight club and release themselves from the stresses caused by their professional and personal lives. This theme of freedom from society and the ability to use the fight club as an escape is demonstrated when the narrator says, “After a night in fight club, everything in the real world gets the volume turned down, and nothing can piss you off. Your world is law, and if other people break that law or question you, even that doesn’t piss you off”(154). The point of going to fight club is much more than just going to get in a scrap and potentially winning or losing a fight. They are there to do what they could not accomplish otherwise if not for the fight club. The story revolves around a theme that is in the form of a couple of rules that are originally determined by Tyler and the narrator when fight club became
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