Health and Social Care Level 3 Unit 18

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P1 – In this Unit I will explain two different careers in the health sector. The two careers I will be discussing are Paramedics and Dentistry; the roles they do and what qualifications they need. Paramedics What Do Paramedics Do? A paramedic is the senior healthcare professional at an accident or a medical emergency. Working on their own, or with an emergency care assistant or ambulance technician, they assess the patient's condition and give essential treatment. Meaning that Paramedic’s are professionally trained with using ‘First Aid’. Also Paramedics assess the urgent medical needs of patients and stabilize their conditions until doctors can administer more specific and extensive treatment. They are able to use life-saving medications and equipment. Many paramedics work on ambulances or emergency response teams. Paramedic’s Roles What Are The Roles For Paramedics? A paramedic is often one of the first healthcare professionals on the scene of a accident or emergency. They are usually one of a two-person ambulance crew, with an emergency care assistant or ambulance technician to assist them. However their isn’t a large capacity of professionally trained paramedics in the crew. Others will work on their own and use a motorbike, emergency response car or even a bicycle to reach their patients: * Motorbike - A motorcycle ambulance is able to respond to a medical emergency much faster than a car or van in heavy traffic. Emergency Response Car - Emergency response vehicles can be used to reach a scene more quickly than a standard ambulance, as they may be able to move through traffic with greater ease. Bicycle - Cycle responders are provided in order to provide fast, effective medical assistance to patients in areas in which a traditional road ambulance or response car would have a delayed response time, and where responders on foot may not be fast

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