Pearland Health Center Case Study

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Pearland Health Center is a facility that caters to emergency type needs. The needs of the clients are of minor care; if the care is major; they are advised and transported to the nearest hospital; such as those that are need of a CT or MRI. The service delivery area is typically walk-ins instead of ambulances. Although the cases that looked into are minor, but the injuries themselves can be somewhat major due to the training and experiences of the professionals and physicians on site. The professionals and physicians are trained and have experience with high volume emergency trauma within a twelve-year and more spans. Most medical situation such as fractures, infections, and lacerations can be done before referral to a major hospital. The services provided are in-house laboratory, ECGs scan, X-ray scans, and airway equipments. The eligibility requirements are basically to have the proper insurance available; in which most major private insurances and Medicare are accepted. Because the Pearland Health Center is a business of urgent care; referral are not necessary. The Pearland Health Center serves Houston as…show more content…
I feel that the Pearland Health Center tends to provide the best care under intense circumstances. There are quite a bit of emergency facilities that do not the experience, expertise, equipment, and professional tolerance as do the Pearland Health Center. Usually, other facilities, in intense cases, will just ship a client off to the nearest major hospital in which may be an inconvenience to the client and their loved ones. For example, an emergency facility in Pearland only deals with minor issues, so if a case is major not only will they ship them off to the nearest major hospital but the hospital may be thirty to forty minutes away. I have to say that the Pearland Health Center will at least try to fix the issue before suggesting other

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