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Harley-Davidson Company essay E-business: Harley-Davidson’s case 2 Executive summary Due to improved technology, Harley-Davidson Company wants to change its working technology from barcodes to RFID tags. It wants it adopt a new RFID technology. Its top management believes that it will cut down its operational costs immensely by doing so. However, the technology comes with new challenges. This paper analyzes the impact of the new technology to the firm. Introduction Radio frequency identification technology (RFID) is a technology that helps machines to know the exact details of item through reading the information stored on RFID tags. This technology uses the radio waves to identify individual items.An RFID technology contains a tag, a reader and supporting infrastructure. The reader communicates with a tag broadcasting radio signals to the tag, which transmits back the information. The portability of readers enables them to be placed in strategic positions in areas of business e.g. at the doors, loading or offloading bays etc.The tags: are small in size. Fixed with the antennae, a microchip and an encapsulating material, tags can be read-only or read and write. A read only tag is programmed during manufacturing process for specific purpose and the tag can only be read but no change can be made on it. On the other hand, a read and write tag is the tag that is programmed during manufacture and you can read as well as change the contents of its memory.Unlike bar code where only one can be read at a time, tags can be read many at ago. They can be read through a hard material like a book cover and they do not require direct reading. A tag gives specific identity to the item it is attached to despite the item being identical to many others. This gives the uniqueness of RFID concerning privacy.There are software that accompany the RFID technology. An example

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