Hamlet Vs Lion King

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Evan Proud 11/12/10 Durham 2nd Hour Hunting Despite the fact that Hamlet is an archetype for The Lion King, the differences in character relationships cause for opposite outcomes. In the play Hamlet, by William Shakespeare, the king is murdered by his own brother from the drive of greed, lust and power to take over the thrown. With his son in line for King, Hamlet’s ghost informs his son that he must take revenge on who his real murderer and wrongfully heir to the throne Claudius. As for The Lion King, Walt Disney’s box office hit, King Mufasa is set up and killed by his brother as well for the same motives. As in Hamlet King Mufasa informs his son to stay strong and take back his rightful throne. Sounds similar huh? Well as you analyze the the two famous plays, they may not be as close as they seem. In both plays Hamlet, and The Lion King the role of each others fathers play a critical role in the outcome of the plays. In Hamlet, Hamlet senior ghost from the grave (purgatory) tells his son Hamlet, that he was poisoned by his brother Claudius and too seek revenge on the current throne holder. King Claudius does not ask for his son to be careful for his life but just want’s him to fulfill his own revenge he cannot carry out. This show’s how King Hamlet’s self centered character is not a supportive role to young Hamlet. In The Lion King however, King Mufasa returns as a ghost figure as well to tell his son Simba, to stay strong and return to pride-rock to rightfully take over his throne currently taken over by his murderous uncle Scar. Here shows King Mufasa care for his son Simba, and how he only wants him to mature and succeed. Unlike in Hamlet, where as senior Hamlet’s selfish character only wants his son to fulfill his very own revenge. In both plays Hamlet and Simba have female counterparts throughout the play. In Hamlet, Hamlet’s

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