Hamlet Diary Analysis

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Hamlets secret diary Act 1 scene 5 1822 November 19th Tis thou days of days were my father's ghost walks the earth seeking my contact. is thou my farther ghost ? or tis a dark spirit which taunts the weak souls of the moaning?. Most it really be true that my fathers brother be the hand of this unjust deed.. If this was but a cruel illusion created by the tortured spirits of the damned to like them damn myself in a full blown assault on mine mothers husbands brother.. I most find out if this is spirit speaks the truth, an to do this I most see the true greed of my uncle. Act 2 scene 2 1822 December 8th In the theatre I well add a few lines which well show the true purpose of my fathers sudden death and my uncles fast…show more content…
even if I should have followed through with my plan he would end up in heaven while I and my farther in hell which I wouldn't allow for such an unjust deed which was committed towards my country and my family. Later that night I had told my mother about Claudius undue deed, and my plan of my act of madness, though I thought it was Claudius which was listening in to our conversations and I stabbed blindly into the dark and hit Polonius and now he laid slain on the floor. Act 5 scene 2 1823 January 12th Claudius had now shipped me off to England but i found the letter which he was meant to seal the end of my life as it is. So I thought on my feet and rewrote a new letter killing the two dear friends which would hand me over to such a cruel future. I had written inside the fake document "He should bearers put to sudden death" there after I had let escape onto a pirate ship where I promised them free passage if they would let me go unharmed to the shores of Denmark. Act 5 scene 1-2 1823 January

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