Hair Stylist Anxiety

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Give an example of a conditioned “fear” that you or someone you know has and possible ways to overcome that fear through conditioning. At one point I was able to identify with the fear of being a hair stylist, but I had to overcome those fears and figure out what/why I wanted to be a hair stylist. Not only did I want to become a hair stylist but I also wanted to own/operate a salon. But, I had to conquer the fear that came upon me when someone would even ask about hair or ask if I could style their hair for them. Yes, I would nearly shut down. Thank God, I am so far over that. The young lady I am about to discussed works in my salon and has worked there for 2 years now. She is suffering from conditioned fear. It seems strange that she is still encountering this fear simply because she has been working in a salon for a total of 3 years, but she is still experiencing the same problems. I want to start with advertising, she literally shuts down while promoting her business. Instead, of promoting herself she promotes other ladies in the salon, by referencing to the Ad as they are instead of saying we are having a special on Tuesdays. She shuts down when a her clients ask her about a different style or if they communicate with her that they just don’t like the hairstyle. Instead of conversing with her clients and correcting the issue she will gladly converse with other stylist clients on a friendship basis. I have also noticed that she is overly sensitive as well, because she whispers to her clients instead of speaking with confidence. I was able to overcome my fears because I immediately recognized my fears were holding me back. They were clearly interfering with my livelihood and what I dreamt about doing for many years. I didn’t seek counseling but I did look at self first, I did a complete self analysis and started working on me first. And, I
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