Why Do Some Clients Avoid Appointments

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ASSIGNMENT - CASE STUDY WHY DO SOME CLIENTS AVOID APPOINTMENTS? SUMMARY OF 3 SESSIONS WITH A SUPERVISEE INTRODUCTION This case study is related to a Bereavement Agency Volunteer who was my first supervisee whilst undertaking the Supervision course. I had 4 supervision sessions with her, but I will relate only to the first 3 sessions as a requirement of this case study. During our supervision sessions, she seemed to be concerned that the 3 clients she was seeing had all cancelled at least 2 appointments each giving either no notice, or very little notice. She was beginning to feel that maybe she was the cause of them not attending. BACKGROUND The main theme of concern for the supervisee that was coming through during the sessions each week was related to the apathy of one of her female clients, regarding attending her weekly counselling appointments, some of which she would attend, some where she would cancel at the last minute and others she would cancel when the Cruse Volunteer would contact her just before they were due to attend the session. The client was from the Arabic culture and felt that it should not be a problem if she did not cancel, as when she did not show as it should be obvious that she would not be coming. The client was grieving for her ex-husband who had died. She did not attend his funeral as she had re-married and her husband would not have allowed it. She had a five year old daughter whilst she was married to her former husband and the child had attended the funeral with her paternal grandparents. Her current husband was abusive to her and her daughter, but she also had a 2 year old son with her current husband, whom he adored, but despised his step-daughter stating that she reminded him of her father. FREQUENCY OF SESSIONS It is important for both the supervisee and supervisor to agree how often to
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