H2o2 Ap Lab Report

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Richard Shim Mr. Lakey 11/09/12 Catalase-H2O2 AP Lab 1) Time Interval (seconds) | 0 to 10 | 10 - 30 | 30 - 60 | 60 - 120 | 120 - 180 | 180 - 360 | Rate (µmoles/sec) | 9.45 | 12.6 | 1.05 | 1.575 | 4.725 | .175 | 2) The rate of H2O2 consumption is highest between 10 and 30 seconds interval, because not much of the H2O2 have yet to be decomposed. There are a lot of H2O2 left, thus making it easier for the enzymes to bump into H2O2 and react with them. However, the reason why the rate is not the highest in 0 to 10 seconds interval is because enzymes require time to break down the molecules. 3) The rate of H2O2 consumption is lowest between 180 and 360 seconds interval. The rate is the slowest because the enzymes have already broken down most of the H2O2 molecules. This makes harder for the enzymes to break down the rest, because there are barely any left.…show more content…
This causes the enzyme to be denatured and stop chemical reactions to further occur. The change of pH disrupts the fragile hydrogen bond in the secondary structure of the enzyme, also resulting the change in the tertiary structure of the enzyme. When the enzyme is deformed, it does not match up with the molecules anymore; as a result, the reaction

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