Guess Whos Coming To Dinner

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Essay Assignment #2- Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner In 1967 the movie Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner was released. In the film, Joey Drayton is a twenty-three-year-old who returns home from a holiday with surprising news: She is engaged. Her fiancé, Dr. John Prentice, a specialist in tropical medicine, however, is a black man. It is at this point in the movie that the audience becomes aware of the obvious controversial issue being presented: A white women marrying a black man. In the midst of the civil rights movement, this film was said to challenge the stereotypical ideas of race and gender, but after watching the film it is easy to see how filmmakers in fact played in to many of those very stereotypes they were trying to debunk ringing true the statement, “The culture most movies are amking when it comes to race…is one that still uphols, either covertly or overtly, white male supremacy”(Hooks, 75). The movie begins with Joey Drayton arriving home from a trip to Hawaii with news that she is engaged, to Dr. John Prentice, a black man. It is clear from the beginning that Dr. Prentice is nervous as to what Joeys parent’s reaction might be; he is certain they will disapprove. Joey constantly reassures him that they will be okay with it and that they won’t be bothered by the fact that he is a “negro”. While Joey’s character means well, it is her constant acknowledgement of Dr. Prentice being a “negro” that seem to contradict her claims to be so liberal and his being black to not matter. When introducing Dr. Prentice to her mother and father and informing them of their engagement she reassures them that she understand their shock by saying, “It never occurred to me that I would fall in love with a Negro…” (Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner). In the first few scenes Joey herself addresses her fiancé as being a Negro at least 6 or 7 times, bring more attention to the fact that

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