Everyday Use Alice Walker

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“Everyday Use” The short story “Everyday Use” is written by the Afro-American author Alice Walker. Alice was born in the south state Georgia, and lived under the “Jim Crow Laws”. She has written many short stories where the “Afro-American situation” that has been playing the past century, has been expressed. The story is about Mama, which is the narrator, and her two daughters Dee and Maggie. Mama and Maggie are living in the countryside of South Georgia where the story takes place. The oldest daughter Dee has moved to the city to get an education. In Dee’s family, nobody has educated, so she wants to “break” the circle. The narrator Mama see’s herself as the man of the house, as she describes herself with words like “big boned, large, man-working hands”. This tells us that the father isn’t living with them; Mama has been the mother and the father raising her two daughters. Mama is the independent man-lady taking care of the whole house. Mama is seeing Maggie as a dog that has been ran over by some careless people. This tells us that Mama sees Maggie as a withdrawn and insignificant person, that’s just living with her, as no attention is given to Maggie. Whereas all attention is given to Dee, as she has taken a new road. When Maggie comes back to visit Mama, she arrives with her new boyfriend Hakim-a-barber, which Maggie has been studying with. Dee has also changed her name to an African name: Wangero. Mama was astonished of how her daughter had changed. And as the story is set in the start 70’s where the Afro-Americans is fighting for their rights and identity, Mama is a kind of afraid of “letting Dee go”. She thinks that Dee may forget her actual values, by living with white people and their values. The reason why she changed her name was to be like hundred percent independent, with a totally new her, and a new life. Dee has broken the family circle by
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