Guernica,Pablo Picasso

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There are so many paintings in our world. Each has its own meaning and origin. The paintings not only represent the artists’ point of view but also narrate the past events. Like Guernica, mural painted by Pablo Picasso, is the one that depicts Spanish Civil War. The interesting of this picture is the uncertainty of what the painting was supposed to mean. First, begin with the horse which is located at the center of the mural and run through by javelin that represents agony. This symbol can be interpreted as Franco’s Nationalism which Picasso foretelling for its collapse because Picasso was on the Republican side. However, in the same character the viewers can see this as the people of Guernica or even Spian who were victimized by the war. The other main animal in this mural is the bull which is located on the left of the mural. Some people say that the bull represents the farm animal because Guernica is a farming city. As we see that the bull in the picture has a good condition means that it does not face with any agony. This may represents the outsiders of the war who watched the war happened and could not help anything like Picasso who was Spanish but at that time he lived in France. The people in this case feel the emotional pain but not the physical pain. Moreover, the bull in good condition can represent the embodiment of Francisco Franco response for the disaster. Furthermore, the bull is located closely to the mother with her dead child this can tell the viewers that the bull is sympathizing with her pain. Next, move to people in the mural. On the left side, is a woman who is saddening over the death of her child. Her head bent back, seeming to be asking the bull to do something or complaining the bull why he does nothing. In the picture her breasts are bared, this shows that in the wartime no one would pay attention to the others or

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